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Wai! More Manga!

Yay! Finally, the August issue's scans! Gah, I slaved over these for DAYS, and I'm so glad to finally be done with them for now.

Alice Kara Majikku Chapter 08 (Final) - 8.28MB
Hoikuen e Ikou Chapter 13 (Final) - 6.20MB
Love Berrish Chapter 12 - 6.91MB (Re-upped 9.10.06)
Rockin' Heaven Chapter 08 - 7.20MB
Niji Iro Koi Ryokan Chapter 02 - 6.86MB
Taranta Ranta Chapter 07 - 6.55MB

As usual, files hosted at SaveFile, and will be up for 30 days. Comment if links expire, and I'll reupload them.

Cross posted to ribon_scans. Now that I've posted these, I can move onto completing my Unix homework.

Ha... no more scanning until I get the September issue of Ribon now. Yay!
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