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Rockin' Heaven Chapter 09

Here is Rockin' Heaven, Chapter o9 RAW.

Manga-ka: Sakai Mayu
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Length: Ongoing in Ribon Magazine
Summary From Manga Updates: Looking forward to wear the school’s uniform, Sawa applied to enroll in Heaven’s Wing Academy. However, she least expected the academy to be a previously all boys' school! And the guy, Ran seems like the BOSS of the class! Speaking of the guys in the class, not only did they go against the sensei, they even hid Sawa's shoes.. they are all a bunch of mischievous makers! Despite all this, Sawa is not discouraged, when she was getting ready to get her shoes back, she accidentally fell in. Unexpectedly, Ran ended up saving her. While Sawa was helpless against Ran's sudden gentleness towards her, she swore "to spend her days in class happily". What will her days be like for the rest of her school life?

Rockin' Heaven Chapter o9

Savefile is still not working for me, so it is hosted at SendSpace. More Ribon chapters will be following shortly.

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