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Saboten no Himitsu ch16 and Kimagure Chocolate

Haven't posted here in a long time...XD Anyways, I was scanning Saboten no Himitsu for  and Kimagure Chocolate (Whimsical Chocolate) for Intercross, so I thought I'll just spread the scans around X3 Please note that Kimagure Chocolate is only part one for now...I'll scan the rest of it soon ^___^;;;

Saboten no Himitsu ch16
Miku's so jealous.... Fujioka is so thick headed..XDDD


Kimagure Chocolate Part a
Cute oneshot :3 About a girl's love for this boy who likes juice and lollipops and hangs out in the tree outside the classroom instead of being in class....XD

I hope you enjoy these! :3
If your looking for any Ribon scans (colour pages) free feel to look at my gallery > Bitter Sweet Life < I've remade it recently ^___^ 

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