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Ribon Scans
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This community is dedicated to scans from the Japanese manga phonebook magazine, Ribon. Here you will find furoku scans, or even raw manga. Pretty much any scan from the Ribon magazine is welcome here. I, sai_buhi, am currently the only owner and/or moderator, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me.

We want to remain a helpful and friendly community, but in order to succeed in that, we need to have a few rules. Here are the list of rules that you are required to follow:

o1. If there is to be any manga posted here, it needs to remain in Japanese, and from the Ribon magazine. Scanlations are not allowed here. Seriously, there are many other livejournal communities for that purpose.

o2. If you download anything from anyone's posts, please leave a comment stating what you are taking. Some people like to know the demand for what they scan, and how many people like them.

o3. Do not direct link to images or downloads. It is incredibly rude to direct link to things people post without prior permisson from the uploader.

o4. Give credit where credit is due. Do not take someone's scan from this community and claim it as your own. If someone else scanned it in and asks people to credit them, you need to credit. However, never claim as your own.

o5. As for the rules on lj-cuts. If you have any type of image to share, please place them under an lj-cut. This helps the page load faster for those with slower internet connections. Also, if you have any download links to share, you should also put them under an lj-cut.

o6. Have fun. The purpose of this community is to have fun, and share scans with fellow Ribon lovers. If you are not having fun here, than it kind of defeats the purpose of this place, right?

We currently have no affiliates, but we are looking for a few. If you have a Ribon related livejournal community, and would like to become affiliates with us, please send sai_buhi an email.

This is just community to share scans with other Ribon fans. We do not draw the images, or own them. Ribon and its products/manga are copyright to Shueisha and respective authors.
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