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Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 25

Okay, I've finally gotten around to uploading Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 25 up to TurboUpload.

Manga-ka: Arina Tanemura
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Length: Ongoing in Ribon Magazine
Summary From ANN: Otomiya Haine is a student at the Imperial Academy, an exclusive school for the children of rich families. The school is socially stratified according to money, and Haine is near the very bottom of the lowest stratum. To complicate matters, she has set her heart on the highest-ranking student, Tougu Shizumasa, the student council's president. As impossible as the odds may seem, Haine-chan's innate optimism keeps her going, as she pursues her love.

Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 25

Because SaveFile was not working for me, this file is hosted at TurboUpload. Comment if links expire, and I'll reupload them.

Other September issue series will be up in the next couple of days.

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